casey j nash


There were 3 main steps for this project.

Step 1: Pick a type of business from a list of 10, and come up with as many names for it as you can in 3 hours.

Step 2: Design 100 logos in 24 hours.

Step 3: Produce a book of these logos + logo applications in 1 week.

Most of the logos I came up with were crap, but this project proved to me the importance of trial & error when it comes to design. I used to come up with 3-4 concepts and try to force one into working, when I should have been exploring as many concepts as possible. My best ideas came from my worst ideas.

The business I chose is a bike company. I picked 'Vélo' and 'Frame' from my initial list and created 100 logos based off of those two names alone.

This hypothetical bike company lives in downtown Toronto and services all ages and cyclist levels.

120 name explorations

Final logo on the right


Window mock-up

Stationery mock-up

Bus shelter application

Using Format